IEI Integration Corp

IEI Integration Corp

Industrial Mobile Device

Industrial Tablet PC - ICE Series

The ICE series tablet PC offers versatile in applications and field-proven durability, with a focus on ergonomic design and features. In order to withstand the most extreme environment, it features exceptional ergonomics, industrial sealing and high drop resistance.

Industrial tablet PC is the ultimate productivity tool for field services. IEI’s obsessive attention to detail and passion for quality create a winning formula that promises to delight and inspire your staff on-the-go.

Industrial PDA - MODAT Series

Real-time mobile computing and cost-effective mobility in one customizable, robust package can be brought with the MODAT series products. It provides a total wireless solution with Android operating system.

It features a full range of wireless communication options and optimal suites of data capture technologies in one lightweight, versatile and robust package. It is specially suited to solutions in the retail, hospitality and logistics environments.

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