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Our industrial Automation White Papers concentrate on various topics that converses complex issues and their pioneering solutions. We have a wide variety of Automation industry white papers that can help readers to understand industry trends/solutions. Complex issues and their innovative solutions along with the ideology behind them are eloquently explained through our White Papers section.

congatec Asia Ltd.
At the same time as Intel launched the new Apollo Lake processors, the SGET released the SMARC 2.0 specification, leading many engineers to wonder: “Which of the three credit card sized form factors should I choose – COM Express Mini, Qseven or SMARC 2.0?” First off, here’s some reassurance –…

congatec Asia Ltd.
The Internet of Things and increasing network bandwidths are significantly changing the way applications are designed. Edge and fog computing provide extremely powerful server technology at the edge of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Server-on-Modules from congatec with Intel® Xeon® processor technology target precisely this application field. Edge servers…

congatec Asia Ltd.
Computer modules are now empowered to be deployed in servers, a fact PICMG recognizes with the recent publication of the COM Express Type 7 specification. With the launch of this specification, congatec is now offering application-ready server-on-modules with Intel® Xeon® D processors. The use of modules in servers has not…

DFI BT700 Module Trains Robots with Daincube DTP7-P Teach Pendant

DFI Inc.
A teach pendant simplifies robot programming, but the internal electronics must be high-performance, low power and ready to withstand the harsh conditions of a factory floor. When producing their DTP7-P teach pendant for industrial robots, Daincube chose the DFI BT700 Qseven System-On-Module (SOM) based upon the Intel Atom® processor. Daincube…

DFI Compact Embedded System Bringing the Smartness in Your Charging Solution

DFI Inc.
As customers expect that electric vehicles can run as far as normal cars, many electric car makers have launched a new generation of household electric cars equipped with a 32A bigger battery. The new electric cars take more time to charge. To relief customers of this drawback, fast charging is…

DFI’s Industrial-Grade Board Powers up Well-Connected Medical Video Recorder for Smart Healthcare

DFI Inc.
A total healthcare solution provider based in the U.S. was looking to build a medical video recorder equipment to be integrated into their overall medical data management system that could capture detailed medical images/videos and enable real-time connectivity with the enterprise IT infrastructure. The equipment should demonstrate outstanding graphics capabilities,…

Applied DFI’s Embedded Board for High-end Pharmacy POS Solution

DFI Inc.
In order to help the customers achieve time-to-market goals as well as reducing total-cost-of-ownership in the field of high-end pharmacy POS application, DFI’s embedded board (with product longevity and high reliability) deployed a flexible and innovative solution to cater to all the requirements of customizable POS terminal.

DFI Robust Compact Embedded System Enables Your Real-Time Monitoring Solution

DFI Inc.
Pneumatic equipment is prevailing in modern factories to convey adequate and clean compressed air for air-driven motors or operating tools. DFI provides a robust and WiFi-support industrial PC to build a real-time monitoring solution. The solution aims at helping operators have full control of the machine and reach the purpose…

Providing Improved Mass Transit Service with DFI’s COM Express

DFI Inc.
Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail), South Korea’s state-run railway operator founded in 1963, sought to deliver better passenger service by upgrading the ticket vending machines at major stations in the country, starting with those stations in Seoul. DFI was introduced to Korail by GIBKorea, a distributor of embedded solutions. Through extensive…

Antaira Technologies
Intelligent transportation systems(ITS) is the city or state's use of technology to help solve their complex challenges. A growing concern for both is knowing how many cars are on their roads at any given time. Even more important is the need to map out the flow of traffic and adjust…