As Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments proliferate and mature, they are a source of service innovation, increased productivity, streamlined operations, and, perhaps most importantly, reduced costs for industrial and manufacturing organizations worldwide. Some companies are expanding their use cases, while others are just getting started.

What is Sparkplug?

Sparkplug is an open-source software specification for increasing MQTT interoperability, specifically in smart manufacturing and Industrial IoT. The specification provides operational technology (OT) data with context for seamless integration with information technology (IT) in a bi-directional and interoperable way. In simpler terms, Sparkplug enables the normalization of data at the edge to the cloud or enterprise data hub so it can be used to create a local Unified Namespace, for machine learning or other IIoT applications.

Benefits of MQTT Sparkplug

The use of Sparkplug is proliferating across a myriad of industries. Major automotive, manufacturing, industrial, oil and gas, and supply chain/logistics firms are leveraging its capabilities today. A recent survey from IIoT World asked companies building IIoT systems which data movement tools they consider essential to fulfill their IIoT strategy.

  • Real-time data analysis: Sparkplug-enabled architectures enable granular, real-time analysis of the data generated by every system and device in an industrial setting.
  • Digital twins: Smart sensor data can feed digital twin models to run simulations before actual devices are built and deployed.
  • Application of AI and machine learning: Sparkplug makes realizing the power of AI to deliver real-time insights into operational efficiency a relatively simple task.
  • Remote monitoring and predictive analysis: Data moved from OT to IT by MQTT and Sparkplug can be used for advanced analytics that provide insight into machine operations and even enable predictive maintenance.
  • Advanced wireless technologies: Several mobile technologies used to advance supply chain applications, such as 5G, LoRA, Wi-Fi7 are now possible via Sparkplug.

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