Chris Hazlewood

Chris Hazlewood

Deputy General Manager, Factory Automation Overseas Planning and Administration

Mitsubishi Electric

"Our approach to Digital manufacturing is rather a practical-collaborative one, we call it e-F@ctory. It is a Kaizen based approach designed to create continuous improvement in small incremental steps, especially where ROI can quickly be established as the question of ROI is the one that holds most companies back from embracing Digital manufacturing."

As an accomplished international manager, Chris’ passion for automation is unwavering. His experience as a user, manufacturer, and sales/marketer of automation equipment means he has a solid 360 view that helps him to contextualize complex ideas in a relevant way for the target audience. Starting life as a mechanical engineer designing high torque gearboxes he then entered system integration before joining Mitsubishi Electric in a variety of roles from support to marketing from bases in the UK, Germany, and Japan where he now has global responsibility for marketing communication. Chris lives his company’s slogan of ‘Changes for the better’.

Ahmed Khamassi

Ahmed Khamassi

Former VP of Data Science


Ziya Gurun

Ziya Gurun

Former Technical Services and R&D Director


"We try to do a lot of energy heat recovery projects in our existing process units; we call it Energy Intensity Index, EII, that we're trying to lower and reducing this EII just by one point means so many million dollars per year".

TUPRAS’s Former Technical Services and R&D Director Ziya Gurun has 30 years of experience in management, operations, design, and construction of refineries and product terminals including STAR Project, terminals of Opet and TUPRAS refineries.

Andrey Belevtsev

Andrey Belevtsev

Chief Digital Officer

Gazprom Neft

"We were applying the machine learning algorithm with our partner to process the geological information and it's still in a working mode".

Gazprom Neft CDO Andrey Belevtsev is a professional with 18 years’ experience in the IT industry. For the last 3 years, he has been responsible for developing and implementing Gazprom Neft digital strategy. In 2019, Gazprom Neft launched over 150 new digital initiatives and produced the first “digital oil” by applying the machine learning algorithm. By 2025, the company expects the digital transformation to reduce the time and cost of geological exploration by 30%.

Gary Godwin

Gary Godwin

Senior Director

KBR Technology Solutions

"Demand for transportation fuels is relatively flat, but we do have an ever-increasing demand for petrochemicals".

Gary Godwin, Senior Director, KBR Technology Solutions, talks about competition in oil and gas licensing business, new oil processing technologies, catalysts, plastic recycling projects and why KBR is a space company now.

Dan Gillis

Dan Gillis


Chevron Lummus Global

"Biofuels are very important for reducing the carbon footprint of transportation fuels supplied to our customers"

Entering China’s downstream market as a licensor, approaching potential clients at oil and gas events and switching to biofuels: Dan Gillis, Director, Technology at Chevron Lummus Global gave an interview on these and other topics in a new episode of BGS Talks show. The episode was filmed in frames of the Petrochemical and Refining Congress Europe, and hosted by Kristina Sabirova, Managing Partner of BGS Group.

Rajneesh Arora

Rajneesh Arora

Vice President Robotics

Addverb Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Robotic grippers are gaining popularity in the manufacturing industry as they handle materials with the utmost care, reducing the chances of damage"

Mr. Rajneesh Arora obtained his graduation degree in BITS Pilani Work Integrated Learning Programmes (BITS Pilani WILP). He started his career as a salesperson in Pennzoil India ltd. Then, he moved on to Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), where he worked as an apprentice trainee. Later onwards, from heading automation projects group as AM-Plant Engineering to Vice President of Addverb Technologies, Mr. Arora overall has a stupendous +24 years of experience in Robotics Automation, Factory Automation, Process Automation, and Specialized Machine development, Project and Product sales, Business development, Consultative Sales with a strong techno-commercial background.

Albert Calvo

Mr. Albert Calvo

Fluid Handling Product Manager


We are constantly working on improve our manufacturing process and the effectiveness of material, design etc. of our products.

Mr. Albert Calvo obtained his University degree in Business & Administration and Advertisement & Public Relations. He obtained his Master's degree in Marketing and social media. He has been working in Fluidra Group in several positions for the past 17 years as NEEMEA region marketing manager, Cepex product manager, Cepex brand manager, Fluid handling and irrigation business manager, and Cepex marketing manager. Currently working as a Cepex marketing manager. He takes in charge of all the marketing and communication of the factory, products, sales. He has been dedicatedly working since the starting of marketing activities in Cepex and has achieved to create a well known brand with worldwide reputation into the swimming pool, irrigation and industrial markets for Fluid handling applications.