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Heavy Duty Mitre Cutting Pivot type S-6240SA

Heavy Duty Mitre Cutting Pivot type S-6240SA


  • Swivel saw head of Bi-direction angle -60° ~ 0° ~ +45° with scale indicator.

  • Hydraulic blade tensioning.

  • Hydraulic vise clamping system.

  • Hydraulic flow down feed control.

  • Pressure valve for adjusting down feed speed.

  • Roller bearing carbide blade guide system.

  • Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shut-off.

  • Blade cleaning brush.

  • Roller stock table 2M long.

  • Work light.

  • Flushing hose for machine cleaning.

  • One M42 bi-metal saw blade.

  • One set of tools and tool box.

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