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Fully Automatic Band Saw Column Type H-260HB

Fully Automatic Band Saw Column Type H-260HB


  • Shuttle type automatic feed.

  • P.L.C. control for all electric and hydraulic function.

  • Hydraulically controlled dual vise full stroke clamping system.

  • Floating shuttle vise system.

  • Split front vise.

  • Infinitely variable speed control by inverter.

  • Blade speed tachometer.

  • Hydraulic blade tensioning.

  • Roller bearing with carbide blade guide system.

  • Automatic work height control by fast approach bar sensor.

  • Preset cut counter with shut off.

  • Out of stock shut off.

  • Multiple indexing (9 times).

  • Nesting fixture for bundle cutting.

  • Power driven blade cleaning brush.

  • Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shut off.

  • Flushing hose for machine cleaning.

  • Work light.

  • Roller stock table 2M long.

  • One M42 bi-metal saw blade.

  • One set of tools and tool box.

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