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AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

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Centralization of Alarm PANEL'PC

Centralization of Alarm PANEL'PC

Centralization of technical defaults

The PANEL'PC is a technical alarm manager by BUS integrating functions of operator assistance, history with archiving on card Compact Flash.

The PANEL'PC can manage 64 remote modules of 12 alarms or input / output modules.

These modules can consist of J3000 / J3105 or J3500 alarm panels. This allows local processing and signaling to be maintained (multitasking and degraded mode).

The PANEL'PC performs the following functions:

- Display of alarms with acknowledgment on the screen.

- Operator help or setpoint for each channel to indicate to the operator the procedure to follow according to the alarm present.

- Visualization of the history of the period.

- Re-visualization of the logs of a recorded period (10,000 pages possible).

- Printing with the water with timestamp.

- Remote alarm reporting to one or more subscribers by BUS (eg guard, technical service, control room).

- Remote controlled outputs possible.


- Industry, Airport, Hospitals, Administrative buildings.

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