AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

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Alarm panels J3500

Alarm  panels J3500

J3500 - Format DIN 144 × 144

Automation of technical defects 12 leds high brightness with PC settings and text display.

An "upscale" that takes the functionality of the J3000 with the flexibility of PC programming.

Many additive functions.

Use: All industries including "at risk" industry. To choose preferably in the situations requiring a parameter setting pushed and different, lane by lane.

Simple and user-friendly PC software provided.

Input channel selections:

- 12 "contact" NO or NC inputs.

- Entry delay from 20ms to 23h.

- Blocking, Inhibition, disturbance of the channel.

- Wired continuity check on each input.

- Association of 4 possible exits per entry.

Output management:

- Positive security possible on each output.

- Activation related to the input, to the memory, according to the state of the light, in 1st fault on avalanche.

- Outputs in selectable synthesis.

Management and treatment of alarms and signals:

- Selection of the channel in alarm or simple signaling.

- Types of multiple flashing sequences.

- Parameterizable alarm restart.

- Reactivation according to the state of the input.

- Global or channel acknowledgment.

- Possible blocking of the front buttons.

- Front button with remote report.

- Permanent control of the power supply (mini and maxi).

Text display:

- Parameterization possible via button and text display.

- View event history.

- Display of particular alarms.

- 3 languages ​​possible.


- Inputs / outputs RS485 bus.

Power supply:

14Vdc-65Vdc, 14Vac-49Vac, 80Vac / dc-260 Vac / dc.

LED panels for processing technical alarms,

integrating all input timing functions,

selection of the NO / NC contact,

wiring check on input,

Flashing, audible alarm, RESET,

Remote report

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