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Three phase controller

Three phase controller

This new PH001 phase controller has been developed for the protection of the most difficult industrial electrical installations.

It provides effective protection and, together with the PAN45-01-00 panel, enables secure display on the front of the cabinet.

It continuously monitors:
- The presence of the 3 phases and the direction of rotation.
- Overvoltage (380 to 480V), and undervoltage (380 to 480V)
- Asymmetry or loss of neutral (5% to 25%)
The thresholds of the controlled quantities are adjustable.
- Timed release adjustable from 0.5s to 60s.

Tripping is instantaneous on loss of rotation and abnormally high overshoots.

User-friendly information on the front of the cabinet for fast connection and low voltage, through the RJ45 cable pre-equipped with the 48x48mm IP65 PAN45 panel powered by 5V.

The PAN45-01-00 displays the phase rotation (correct or incorrect), the normal undervoltage / voltage or overvoltage of each phase, the detection or tripping state of the controller.

A selection of LED colors is possible to comply with the standard display colors for each country.

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