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AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

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Alarm Panels J1905S

Alarm Panels J1905S

J1905S - Format DIN 96 × 96

Alarm processing panel with 8 LEDs Multicolors high brightness.

7 choices of color display, selectable from the facade by switch.

They consume 10mA per LED is a 50% decrease from the J1900 and is identical in appearance and mechanics.

The J1905S can receive a redundant power supply.


Channel selections:

- 8 "contact" NO or NC inputs.

- 8 positive or negative entries.

- 8 "open collector" outputs, "contact" outputs possible via relay card.

- 8 leds 5x10mm Multicolors high brightness, color possible: White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Magenta, Cyan.

- Fixed or flashing display (with alarm sequence).

- Blocking of possible inputs by channels.

- Delay of each entry.

- "General alarm" relay selectable.

- Buzzer of series.

For installations with multiple J1905S panels, refer to the ALARM'BOX.

Power supply:

J1905S-02-00: 15 to 60Vac / dc

J1905S-05-00: 80 to 265Vac / dc (with galvanic isolation)

J1905S-02-05: 15 to 60Vac / dc and 80 to 265Vac / dc

J1905S-05- 05: 80 to 265Vac / dc and 80 to 265Vac / dc

LED panels for processing technical alarms,

integrating all input timing functions,

selection of the NO / NC contact,

wiring check on input,

Flashing, audible alarm, RESET,

Remote report

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