AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

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Alarm Annunciators J3000 or J3105

Alarm Annunciators J3000 or J3105

Alarm annunciator J3000 – DIN Format 144×144

Alarm annunciator J3105 – DIN Format 144×144

Automats of treatment of technical defaults to 12 leds high luminosity, settings by switches.

Agreement Veritas.

Use : All industries including industry “at the risk”.

Selections by ways :

– 12 inputs “contacts” normaly open or normaly close.

– Possibility to choice the Led’s colors.

Alarm annunciator J3000 : LEDs are removable. To change the color, you have to change the led.

Alarm annunciator J3105 : Color change by switches mounted on the front.

– 12 outputs “open collector” or possible “contact”.

– Fixed indicator or blinking.

– Memorizing of alarms.

– Acknowledge by integrated button and/or reported.

– Sequence of 1st defect to 5ms.

– Selection “alarms” or “simple indication” by way.

– Wire Control of continuity on each input.

– Possible Temporization of the inputs.

– Automatic Revival of alarms possible.

– Output “general alarm” .

Option :

– Inputs / Outputs Bus RS485.

– Version blind case (station of blinking) possible.

Possible supply :

24Vdc, 48Vdc, 110/127Vdc

LED panels for processing technical alarms,

integrating all input timing functions,

selection of the NO / NC contact,

wiring check on input,

Flashing, audible alarm, RESET,

Remote report

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