AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

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Alarm Panels J1905S-0X-0XS-00

Alarm Panels J1905S-0X-0XS-00

J1905S - IP65 Box Format

This economic box allows to display in wall mounting, the states and alarms of an installation.

It uses the panel J1905S (flush mounting) with all its possibilities.

A horn or buzzer is mounted outside under the cabinet to increase its effectiveness.


Power supply:

J1905S-02-00S-00: 15 to 60Vac / dc

J1905S-05-00S-00: 80 to 265Vac / dc (with galvanic isolation)

J1905S-02-05S-00: 15 to 60Vac / dc and 80 to 265Vac / dc

J1905S-05-05S-00: 80 to 265Vac / dc and 80 to 265Vac / dc

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