AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

AMI- Alarm Annunciators & Indicators

3 rue de la Garenne 27950 SAINT-MARCEL FRANCE

Alarm Box wall mounting

Alarm Box wall mounting

Set of signs and alarms, from 1 to 3 floors.

Each floor is modular from 8 to 32 lanes (96 lanes in total).

Each of the channels can be in simple signaling or alarm (same functions as the J1905S).

It allows to group together the different states of the same organ on site:

- On / Off / Alarm "PUMP".

- On / Off / Defrost / "FRIGO" alarm.

- Alarm "BOILER".

Built-in battery and charger.

Product intended mainly for administrative buildings.

Quick installation on all tertiary sites.

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