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Submerged welding machine AW-DCTA-1000 AW-TASK-01S

Submerged welding machine AW-DCTA-1000 AW-TASK-01S

Usage Area:

The AW-DCTA-1000 + AW-TASK-01S welding machine is manufactured with inverter specifications and the energy consumption is much lower than that of roller structure welding machines. It is used for welding of various thickness parts especially in manufacturing of ships and steel construction. It is used in manufacturing of ship, crane, trailer chassis and steel construction with 1.6-5 mm welding wire. It is submerged welding machine with high performance according to conditions of heavy industry.

Main Features:

-Main Voltage is designed according to 3 Phase, 380 V / 50-60 Hz

- The current and voltage settings can be monitored remotely and via the digital units on the machine.

Thanks to Control Panel which is positioning next to welder, welding adjustment can be easily from long distance.

-It is suitable usage in Automation with fixed head.

- It has stable arc features in the long welding with constant voltage and current adjustment options.

- It can be done gouging and water cooled carbon cutting with MMA welding and carbon arc cutting electrode

-There has been made provision against to problem which can be occur such as overheating, under voltage, overload

Standard Outfits:

-Welding Cable (298 m)

-Control Cable (18 m)

-Grouding Cable (2*4 m)

-Dust collection Unit


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