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Usage Area:

AW-DCRD-M-350 is used for welding thin and medium thickness material thanks to ability of various thickness materials which burn basic and rutile electrode. Welding can be made by every kind of electrode. It is direct current welding machine which enables high performance under the condition of heavy industry, construction site, outdoor field and workshop .It is used in many field of series production such as alloyed and unalloyed, pressure vessels, steel industry, stainless steel, aluminium, ship construction with electrodes, pipelines, etc.

Main Features:

-Main Voltage is designed according to 3 Phase, 380 V / 50-60 Hz

-It has feature of burning all covered types, rutile, basic electrodes.

- Current Adjustments are made by mechanical handle. Adjusted value can be followed by digital indicator on the machine front panel.

- It is easy to turn in every direction with its powerful four wheels and provides easy of handling on working site.

-The welding machine has a stable performance with the help of a cooling fan against heat during operation.

-It enables possibility of welding without any performance loss in long welding cables.

-Transformers and smoothing coils in the machine are manufactured from cooper and siliceous metal sheet to prevent regime loss

Standard outfits :

-Welding cable (4 M)

-Electrode holder (400 A)

-Grounding Cable (3M)

- Grounding Holder (400A)


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