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Omer Atiker Holding A.S

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Usage Area:

AW-ACPN-H-011 is used for welding with process of spot welding of various thickness materials.

It makes spot welding in a perfect strength at the source of flat metals such as chrome, black metal sheet, galvanized metal sheet. It is general use purpose machine in iron based metals such as stoves and stove pipes, steel goods, steel panels, furniture, etc.

Main Features:

-Main Voltage is designed according to 2 Phase, 220-380 V /2 50-60 Hz

-The shunt terminal is taken inside to the machine to prevent electric shocks in outer case.

-Lug is added to upper sides to provide easy of handling in factory.

-Transformer designed with minimum loss is manufactured from electrolytic copper.

- As adjustment, current range is formed thanks to 5 level fuse. Because of this, It enables the ability of wide current and fine tuning.

- While machine is open, red led is on and green led is on during welding.

- Ergonomic pedal structure provides ease of use.

- It provides possibility of spot up to 2,5 mm + 2,5 mm in flat metal, 8 mm. + 8 mm in round metal.

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