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Usage Area:

AW-DCMM-KH-250 is especially designed as MIG/MAG welding machine with water-cooled for welding thin materials.

This machine is also used for bonding thin to thick materials. It enables high performance for bonding materials with SG2 and other wires.


  • It is suitable for all manufacturing sectors.
  • It is used for welding materials such as aluminium joint, furniture, profile joint, chair, bad base etc.
  • It enables high performances for welding of thin metal sheets.

Main Features:

  • Machine is produced according to requirements of welder and in case of need new programmes can be added. For example; Wire starting time, gas starting time, wire motor speed increase, wire motor speed decrease, usage of last gas in torch head.
  • It provides energy saving by taking itself to sleep mode, when it is not in use.
  • Main Voltage is designed according to 3 Phase, 380 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Steels such as SG2, ALMG5 and aluminium wires can be used
  • Wire Feeder Unit is suitable for diameters of 0,8 mm -1,0 mm wires.
  • 2x2 Spool wire feeder unit is used to feed the mild wire constantly and at the same time to prevent deformation on the wire types which will use.
  • There is 24W plug for usage of carbone dioxide(CO2) gas heater. With this way it protects the user against electric shock in case of any fault status.
  • During the wire changing, it minimizes usage of gas  thanks to feature of wire driving without gas.
  • It has four wheel and back wheels have shaft, so it prevents to rollover.
  • The welding machine has been taking under protection against warming up by means of a cooling fan to prevent the regime loss during the operation.
  • Machine has digital display of voltmeter, ampere meter. Welding can be followed on the screen.
  • Current range is formed thanks to coarse adjustment as 3 phase and fine adjustment as 7 phase. It provides a wide current and precise controlling feature.
  • Machine is designed to minimize grounding and weld splatter.
  • There is two different button as manuel and automatic.
  • Transformers and smoothing coils in the machine are manufactured from cooper and siliceous metal sheet to prevent regime loss

Standard outfits:

  • Mig/Mag Torch Air-cooled
  • Carbone dioxide (CO2) Gas Flow Regulator
  • Carbone dioxide (CO2) Gas Heater
  • Grounding Cable (3M)
  • Grounding Holder
  • Wire Spool

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