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Ac-dc-tig welding machine AW-DCTG-H-180

Ac-dc-tig welding machine AW-DCTG-H-180


AW-DCTG-H-180 Tig welding machine is used for bonding thin materials. It protects the user against to electric shocks with its plastic frame. Its lightness and portable provides advantage of cutting in outdoor .As well as being able to use bonded materials by melting together mutually, filling process can be made with wire which is put on welding zone It has extensive use such as food machines, food storage tank, steel work, automotive.

It provides ease of handling and it has TIG-MMA features.

At the same time it can be professional MMA(Electrode) welding.

Main Features:

- The Main voltage is designed according to 1 phase ,220V/50-60Hz.

- It is produced with high inverter technology and ıt minimize the consumption.

- By narrowing the welding arc area, It prevents striking of machine work piece which is provides minimum heat input.

- With MMA function, It enables melting coated electrodes such as rutile, basic with various diameters

- It has high frequency HF feature which is facilitate for arc ignitioning

- It is equipped with protection circuit and warning light against thermal overloading

- The machine is taken under the protection against the head loadings with cooling fan not to cause regime loss during operation.

- By providing low heat input, the risk of metal stiking is reduced to the minimum level.

Standard Outfits:

-Tig Torch (6 M)

-Grounding Cable (3M)

-Grounding Holder (150 A)

-Welding Cable (2 M)

-Electrode Holder (200 A)

-Argon Gas Flow Regulator

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