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Worm Screw Jack

Worm Screw Jack

Motion Control Products Ltd. can offer a vast range of screw jacks which are supplied in worm, cubic, ball screw and stainless steel. Applications for these products are solar photostatic industry, high-speed locomotive maintenance lifting, lifting platforms, stage machinery, metallurgical and many more.

SJW Worm Screw Jack

  • Ten different models
  • Load Capacity: 2 tons to 100 tons
  • Self-locking acme screw
  • Lift, lower, push, pull and rolling linear motions
  • Both electrically driven and manually operated
  • Available in single, pairs or multi-unit systems 

SJC Cubic Screw Jack

  • Nine different models
  • Load Capacity: 5kN to 450kN
  • Self-locking acme screw
  • Anti-backlash nut available
  • Optional customisation 
  • Both electrically driven and manually operated

SJB Ball Screw Jack

  • Seven different models
  • Load Capacity: 10kN to 300kN
  • High speed with high precision and repeatability
  • Long lifetime and service life
  • Available individually or multiple jack lift system

SJSS Stainless Steel Gearbox

  • Three different models
  • Radial Force: 1450N to 2700N
  • Axial Force: 725N to 1350N
  • IP64 Rated 
  • FDA Food Safety approved
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

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