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Alusic Machine Profile Extrusion

Alusic Machine Profile Extrusion

IM Range | BH Range | CarboSix Range

Structural Profile Systems

Fast prototyping, UK Stock

As a sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for Alusic® in Italy, Motion Control Products newly introduce machine profile extrusion (also known as "structural profile systems"), offering various advantages comparing with traditional construction materials as steel.

ALUSIC covers a wide range of aluminium extruded profiles with slot width 6mm, 8mm and 10mm and the accessories, which are compatible with the majority of aluminium profiles on the market.

Our technical department uses the latest generation software (including SolidWorks®) and we have a system of fast prototyping or 2D/3D modelling with FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modelling) to create new prototypes of profiles, accessories and components to meet market needs.

The applications of ALUSIC® machine profile extrusion are very versatile, from light carpentry to automation. Thanks to our professional equipment including drilling/milling machines with three controlled axes (working length at 7 meters), our technical engineers team carries out innovative and functional solutions in the field of aluminium structures, conveyor belts, linear systems and crane systems, workstations, linear motorisable guides, safety fences, supports, clamps and structures for solar panels and much more, almost everything which can be functional for the various fields of Mechanical Design.

The quality system for our machine profile extrusion is in accordance with the requirements of the normative UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. There are three ranges popular to the market:

  • IM range that is compatible with the Item Extrusion range
  • BH range which is compatible with the Bosch Extrusion
  • CarboSix range that is the only carbon structural profiles in the world with a complete range of components and assembly accessories

Both IM range and BH range profiles are made by extrusion of primary aluminium alloy EN-AW6060 (Al Mg Si 0.5) or upon request by EN-AW 6063. The metallurgical state of supply is T5/T6 temper (cooled from hot working/solution heat treated and artificially aged), to ensure the long-lasting absolute stability of the material during the years. The Extrusions are supplied anodised with a depth treatment of 12 μm. On request, most of the profiles can be supplied with raw surfaces. The tolerances followed for profiles extrusion are in compliance with the technical normative for the precision extruded profiles UNI-EN 12020-2.

CarboSix range - C6 Line is is a new line of pultruded carbon fibre structural profiles. These are stable and extremely adaptable, with the composites’ giving up to a 50% weight saving on comparable aluminium and up to 70% on steel profiles. This gives advantages where weight is the main application requirement in machine building, without losing the structural strength of the machine.

The CarboSix range comes with a full range of assembly components and accessories, CarboSix hyper profiles and composite materials: structural profiles, tubes, bars and sheets suitable for the completion of small and large projects in the industrial, mechanical automation and robotics sectors. The unique points in the composite materials sector, is, currently its is the only structural carbon profiles available in the market. Carbon is the new frontier of materials and with CarboSix, it becomes the solution to improve the quality of build within the machine sector.

CarboSix line of pultruded carbon fibre structural profiles is the result of our partners experience as a manufacturer and seller of aluminium profiles, components and accessories for the assembly of aluminium structures. The unique characteristics of carbon fibre allow the creation of profiles with bending mechanical properties capable of bringing considerable advantages in the automation and industrial production sector. This range is also able to mix and match with the AC aluminium profile range to give even more benefits.

Our accessories to work with IM / BH / CarboSix ranges include end caps, closure strips, fasteners, internal and external joints, bases, wheels, hinges, handles and other components, which are compatible with the majority of aluminium profiles on the market.

IM Range

- Profiles series 20, slot 5mm (lightest weighted range)
- Profiles series 30, slot 6mm (the best strength-weight ratios)
- Profiles series 40, slot 8mm
- Guard profiles
- Special profiles

BH Range

- Profiles series 20, slot 6mm
- Profiles series 30, slot 8mm
- Profiles series 40, slot 10mm
- Profiles series 45, slot 10mm
- Profiles series 50, slot 10mm
- Guard profiles
- Special profiles

CarboSix Range

Carbosix hyperprofiles & composite materials using pultrusion technology: structural profiles, tubes, bars and sheets, suitable for small or large projects in the industrial, mechanical automation and robotics sectors.

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