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Bogen Magnetic Encoders

Bogen Magnetic Encoders

Being a UK business partner of Bogen Electronic, Motion Control Products Ltd. now introduced the German branded magnetic encoders (magnetic sensing heads and scales) for length, rotary and angle measurement systems. Bogen’s pioneering precise measurement technology enables magnetic encoders to reach precision and accuracy hitherto attainable only by high end optical devices, but at far more modest prices.  Our magnetic heads comply with the relevant national and international standards (ISO, DIN, IATA, ABA, etc.) and can be used with various magnetic coercivities.

The applications include metrology, microscopy, surgical robotics and more. Special solutions for reading magnetic ink (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition: MICR) and for recognizing and validating banknotes are also a part of the magnetic encoder portfolio.

Bogen Magnetic Encoders

Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head

Rotary applications - Linear applications - Non-contact, quick position measurement.

Features Of Bogen Magnetic Encoders

  • Lower case incremental
  • 18 to 20 Bit absolute resolution
  • 16 Bit incremental resolution
  • Single piece unit, no wear from usage
  • Resistant to dust, cooling lubricant emulsion, oil, etc.
  • Different diameters and length offered
  • Application for automation, life science and high-tech industry

Rotary Magnetic Scale

Rotational applications - All nonius proportion - Master and nonius tracks


  • From low to very high accuracy producible on demand
  • Two or three track magnetization
  • 1.28 and 1.5 pole pitches, others on request
  • Different scale geometries
  • Customizable for many applications
  • No wear from usage
  • Resistant to dust, cooling lubricant emulsion, oil, etc.
  • Wide range of selectable magnetic scale characteristics
  • A variety of magnetic materials for several applications.

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