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New and innovative piezo motors (in rotary or linear format) from Piezo Motion in USA are recently added into Motion Control Products' products portfolios, representing a quantum leap in design of small size high-performance DC motors.

Piezo Motion's rotary or linear piezomotors work on a patented principle of excitation of ultrasonic standing waves within a piezoelectric resonator. The resulting superposition of two orthogonal ultrasonic waves causes eliptical movement of the resonator tip, which direct drives a rotary or linear element.

Being injection-molded using extremely durable, but light-weight engineered reinforced thermoplastics, our piezo motors combine economical cost with superior precision and ultrafast response/start-stop characteristics. Piezo Motion’s rotary or linear piezomotors are highly energy-efficient, consuming zero power in hold position while still providing significant torque or force.

Our piezomotors are available as both open-loop control (non-feedback control) and closed-loop control (feedback control) systems; and are offered in a variety of configurations (including non-magnetic).

In the closed-loop system, motion control of the piezo motor is achieved via feedback generated from an encoder integrated within the motor assembly. Encoder communication electronics consists of a daughter board (pcb) with a serial (RS-232) port, mounted onto the main driver board. Optional programmable logic control (PLC) software with graphical user interface (GUI) enables control of the motor using standard Windows OS.

RBS series- Hollow Shaft

  1. O.D.: 32mm
  2. Torque: >30mN.m
  3. Max. speed: >100rpm
  4. Resolution: <10µrad
  5. Open-looped or close-loop control
  6. Model with cable, terminal or pcb format
  7. can be supplied as an evaluation kit (with Electronic drive, cables, power supply and manual)
  8. Fully non-magentic version under development

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