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Voice Coil Motor

Voice Coil Motor

Motion Control Products Ltd. successfully introduced their space-saving, high precision and reliable voice coils from Akribis, which can be used in medical ventilator applications to fight COVID-19.

The world of medicine is an ever-changing landscape. As technology changes, medical device manufacturers are turning to lighter, smaller components that can improve the reliability, longevity and performance in the life-saving products and applications. One example is the increasing use of voice coil motors to control the valves in ventilators for patients who have difficulty in breathing.

The construction of a traditional ventilator is straightforward: with only a few components, ventilator machine uses solenoid valves to control the flow of air. It gives an on/off device that requires a spring to activate bi-directional movement.

Now, after being strictly tested, the voice coil motor outperforms solenoids in every aspect. High precision, acceleration and lightweight design have come together to revolutionise the way ventilators are made. Hysteresis is also much lower when using voice coil motor, which allows greater repeatability- an important factor to a medical device.

In circumstances when a ventilator is needed, lightweight components are a necessity, as healthcare workers often need to move the device quickly from one room to another. Voice coil motors can be built to the size of a thimble. Typically, our AVM motor series from Akribis can be as small as 12.7 millimetres in diameter but still offer a peak force of 3.5 Newtons with a weight of only 12 grams!

Our voice coil motors have different sizes with a diameter from 12mm to 250mm. So it is easy to customise a ventilator with the size, weight and force. With exceptional designs and high manufacturing capacity, these necessary devices can be ordered in a short lead time.

It is important to stay on the front lines as medical technology changes. By taking voice coil actuators out of sound systems and putting into ventilators, more lives can be saved in more efficient ways.

Motion Control Products Ltd. have a wide range of voice coils with various sizes from as small as diameter of 12mm to large size of diameter 250mm. Integrated shaft (bearing) versions are also available with associated drive electronics to control them precisely.


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