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Remote Indicator VRI10

Remote Indicator VRI10

Remote Indicator VRI10 is a remote indicator for Profibus-PA (up to 10 indications) or 4-20 mA (up to 2 channels) networks. The 4-20 mA version is also a totalizer. It is a 4-20 mA remote indicator with up to two channels, powered by the current loop with very low power consumption and connected in series with the 4-20 mA equipment. It establishes the characterization of the current for each channel independently, indicating variable on LCD according to unit chosen by user, which facilitates visualization of process variable.

It is included with a unit configurable by user, besides the extraction of the square root and several units (%, mA, pressure, temperature, flow, level, density). It also has copy function, which facilitates channel configuration by copying from one to another, and allows to restore factory calibration. Variables are handled by this device and apply the measurements with equipment that does not have the liquid crystal display or that are located in places with difficult access.

The Profibus-PA VRI10-P remote indicator is designed to display up to 10 indication values on LCD from devices installed on the same Profibus-PA segment. The indicator is powered by a 9-32 Vdc voltage and uses the Profibus-PA communication protocol for configuration and monitoring of information on the LCD. It acts as a sniffer that captures the data on the Profibus-PA bus and displays the cyclic values and status from other equipment on LCD, according to their configured addresses without exchanging cyclic messages on the bus, such as an active slave (bus traffic does not increase).

Through a Profibus-PA configurator, Android platform or tools based on EDDL or FDT/DTM it is possible to easily adjust the indicator, as well as using local adjustment option, through a magnetic tool.


  • Resolution    ± 0.02% (VRI10-I)
  • Indication    5-digit LCD Display with bargraph
  • Output Options    Linear and Square Root (VRI10-I)
  • Non-Volatile Totalizer    Yes (VRI10-I)
  • Voltage Drop    1.0 Vdc (maximum)
  • Operation Temperature    -40 to 85°C
  • Configuration    Via local adjust using magnetic tool
  • Hazardous Area    Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe (pending)
  • Protection Degree    IP67
  • Number of Channels    2 Channels (VRI10-I) or 10 indications (VRI10-P)
  • Housing Material    Aluminum
  • Approximated Weight (with bracket)    1.8 Kg


  Technical Specifications
 Resolution  ± 0.02% (VRI10-I)
 Indication  5-digit LCD Display with bargraph
 Output Options  Linear and Square Root (VRI10-I)
 Non-Volatile Totalizer  Yes (VRI10-I)
 Voltage Drop  1.0 Vdc (maximum)
 Operation Temperature  -40 to 85°C
 Configuration  Via local adjust using magnetic tool
 Hazardous Area  Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe (pending)
 Protection Degree  IP67
 Number of Channels  2 Channels (VRI10-I) or 10 indications (VRI10-P)
 Housing Material  Aluminum
 Approximated Weight (with bracket)  1.8 Kg


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