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Profibus PA Density or Level Transmitter VDL10

Profibus PA Density or Level Transmitter VDL10

Level measurement is of great importance in industry and errors in this measurement can lead to impacts on processes, safety, environment and of course, financial impacts. As the most commonly used method involves capillaries and they are subject to temperature deviations, VIVACE has developed VDL10 which is not affected by changes in temperature, producing accurate and high performance measurement.

Main Features of profibus pa density transmitter:

•VDL10 also measures density and concentration with high accuracy and performance in continuous and online measurement of concentration and density of liquids, directly to the process.

• Differential Level Transmitter without capillary (with and without density compensation)

• Differential Density and Concentration Transmitter: Density, API, Brix Degree, Baumé Degree, INPM Degree, Plate Degree, % of Solids etc.

• Fully digital, online measurement

• Recalibration in the process, simple and without interruption

• HART 7 / 4-20mA and PROFIBUS-PA protocols

• High performance in temperature when compared to remote seals (upto 2x better)

• Simple and easy installation

• Various connection and adaptations options

• Local Adjustment with 5-digit LCD with bar graph

• EDDL and DTM

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