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Our KRONOS is a full automatic sawing machine, particularly suitable for cutting short pieces and designed to facilitate the accessor machining.

Its outer blade and its particular structure make an integrated production system very easy, since the Kronos sawing machine can be easily combine to further working units, such as chamfering, marking, measuring units. The new Kronos represent the latest development in technology of integrated solutions.

The loading gripper P15K is completely integrated with the cutting line, in order to permit the grip of the cut piece, taking it in the final fixed position, facilitating any other machining.

The pipes of Ø10÷60mm can be cut to size, then simultaneously clamped by the gripper and taken for the transport into a fixed position.

The P15K gripper, moved by a linear module with a brushless motor, has been designed to be directly integrated with subsequent processing stations.

All the registrations, simple and fast, are programmable from the operating panel of the sawing machine.

The high-speed cutting line was specially designed in a single load-bearing body, in order to ensure stability and precision. It is a compact machine, with reduced overall dimensions. The cutting head is designed to reduce scrap length and feeder carriage electronically controlled.


High performance cutting head continuous cutting speed variation with inverter. Gear without blacklash. Blade feeding controlled by hydraulic cylinder and proportional valve. Blade lubrication with oil and water or microlubrication (option).


500mm or 1000mm single stroke of carriage vice with multistroke facility. The carriage runs of precision hardened steel pneumatic guides and roller rails. It is moved by ball screw and brushless motor. The feeding carriage lifts burring both feeding and return stroke to avoid scratches on the tube.


Quick adjustment of both main vice and carriage vice having hydraulic closure. The voice pressure valves are easily accessible.


Simens PLC and multifunctional touch screen operator display. Main functions: programming; cutting parameters’ setting, automatic setting according to material, diameter, length, sawblade thickness; production data report, diagnostic, alarms.


Pneumatic positioning gripper/ unloading cut piece, moved by linear module with brushless motor.


Option: making unit before or after the cut.


Ejector SC3 automatic discharging system with unloading in front and rear position in order to divide two different cutting lengths. It is available in different lengths and it is equipped with security devices.

Ejector SC4 automatic discharging system with 12 unloading positions (6 front and 6 rear) with temporized Transilon tape. It is equipped with a brush for cleaning the tape from the chips. It is available in different lengths and it is equipped with security devices.

Both unloader can be connected with automatic bundle collectors.


Hydraulic closing main vice;
Hydraulic closing feeding vice (carriage);
Easy access to the hydraulic valves to adjust the vices’ clamping force and for general maintenance.

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