Ralc Italy Srl

Ralc Italy Srl

Via A. Malignani, 19-33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) - Italy

AboutRalc Italy Srl

Ralc Italia is an Italian manufacture company specialized in the realization of machinery, mostly tailor-made for our clients and completely realized inside the company (from planning, to production, to assembly). Our team is composed by professionally trained people, oriented to understand the needs of the clients, in order to give them innovative and advantageous solutions.

RALC ITALIA SRL was founded in 1996 by Andrea Lazzarini, who worked in this field since 1990 as entrepreneur and before as technical designer. The headquarter of the company is located in San Giorgio di Nogaro, in a strategic position in the north-eastern part of Italy. In 2011 Ralc acquired “Conni – cutting lines” leader company in the production of machinery for the cut of pipes. Nowadays Ralc counts two manufactory plants and a qualified team of 42 people.

The most important features recognized to RALC ITALIA SRL by the market, consists first of all in its ability to identify the most appropriate solutions for the production problems customers submit, which ensure the technical functioning of the machines, in accordance with the customer's expectations. Secondly in to deal with the technical and executive design, including the pneumatic and electronic parts.

RALC is organized into three major divisions: the technical office, the production and the assembly department. The planning employs highly qualified technicians and state-of-the-art software and hardware technologies. Currently the technical office has five workstations for three-dimensional drawing and another for risk analysis and the development of machine manuals. The production can count on a team of 15 technicians, specialized in milling, turning, carpentry, welding, painting and assembling, who have all the instruments and expertise to realize every detail with the utmost accuracy and precision. In the assembly department every machine is carefully assembled, tested and finally tried out by specialized technicians before being delivered to the customer. All checks are performed according to procedures described in the quality manual.

Very important to us is to ensure an efficient after-sales assistance, which allows the customer to contacts us in every moment and feel assisted in case of need. The expertise of our technicians and the availability of means ensure a precise analysis of the problems arisen and their resolution in a short time.

As we can offer a wide range of products, we operate in many industrial fields, such as automotive, furniture, heating, agriculture, aero-space, naval, rail, constructions and brass processing.

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