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Machining Centres CNC "RMC M" and "RMC SL" for Manifolds

Machining Centres CNC "RMC M" and "RMC SL" for Manifolds

The RMC SL machining center is also available with portal (RMC SLP).

In this special version, the spindle holder assembly is mounted on a structure with portal, which allows you to have a doubled working area on the Y axis in comparison to the traditional version of this machining center.

The portal is equipped with a double motor in Gantry functionality: this guarantees an optimal precision and high stability of the movement, allowing to manage the movement of the axes with great control.

Both the RMC SL center and the RMC SLP center are available on request with full cabin: the new sliding system permit the total opening of the doors, allowing full exploitation of the X axis, along its entire length. The bearing structure of the cab allows also its quick opening and closing, even in double-zone work mode.

Special version of the machining centers RMC, equipped with 5 interpolating axes working head on the electrospindle, plus clamping and rotating tube mandrel.

They perform drilling, milling, contouring, cutting, flow drilling, in pendular mode or single zone operations.

Designed with clamping dedicated to the profile to be produced and equipped with a system for remote assistance on the IP network.


 Number of axles  from 4 to 6 (with tube holder spindle)
 X axis movement speed  80 (m / min)
 Y axis movement speed                 60 (m / min)
 Z axis movement speed                 40 (m / min)
 Axis A and C rotation speed  50 (° / sec)
 Useful working axis X axis  4400: 9000 (mm)
 Useful working axis Y axis  600 (mm)
 Useful working axis Z axis  300 (mm)


  • Useful working axis A (5-axis version): ± 120 (°)
  • Useful working axis C (5-axis version): ± 213 (°)
  • Max cutting blade diameter (SL only): 450 (mm)
  • Machinable material: light alloys, aluminum, copper, plastic materials, steel profiles


  • SIEMENS or ECS numerical control
  • Absolute axis motors
  • Automatic tool preset and measurement
  • 3D CAD / CAM software complete with simulation
  • Chilled water or air chucks
  • Integral soundproof cabin or mobile protection with light curtains

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