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Our ARIES is a full automatic tube cutting machine for high production. It is equipped with high performance sawblade cutting line for the quick cut of tubes, with maximum diameter 102mm.

The cutting machine ARIES 3102, suitable only for cut 90° of tubes and solid rods, can cut from 20mm to 45000, moreover on this machinery there are 3 controlled electrical axes (bar feed, cutting head movement and automatic positioning of the stop). The versatility in the cut combines a complete electronic control of the main cutting factors, making the ARIES 3102 model the most suitable for meeting the most demanding needs in terms of production diversification, precision and cutting quality.

The solidity of the bearing structure, guarantee of reliability, is matched with an accurate choice of components and a latest generation hardware control, while the specially created software, ensures total control from video of each machine function and an absolute simplicity of use.

The machine can be combined with belts for the cut pieces, both in the front and in the rear position, and can also be combined with deburring, pipe washing and automatic dimensional control systems.


The robust saw head is provided with hardened and ground helical wheels, without backlash.

It is mounted on the extremely solid machine’s frame. It slides on prismatic guides with ball bearings and it is moved by ball screws driven with steplessly adjustable and automatically programmable brushless motor. The machine is equipped by a blade lubrication system with water and oil, which can be also used for washing the clips away. Double micro-lubrication system (oil + water / emulsion - on request). 5.5 kW three-phase blade motor.


The bar feeding system is controlled by steplessly and adjustable and constant torque brushless motor, including balancing movement of the feeding carriage in order to avoid scratches of the bar. The drive rollers are covered with Vulkolla and can be easily replaced. The double blocking of the material in insured by the main vice provided with a prismatic jaw set at customers choice (clamping of round tubes at four points). The hydraulic clamping pressure is continuously adjustable.


Siemens programmable logic electronic system. Multi-function and easy-to-use system.

Automatic adjustment of all the parameters by setting the dimensions of the piece to be cut, the type of material, the blade diameter, the cutting length and the piece quantity. Siemens operating terminal.


Starting length                         3500 ÷ 6500 mm
Lifting capacity                        max 3000 kg equally divided over 5 lifting units.
Bundle diameter                      max 500 mm
5 lifting groups with bands.
5 bands guiders.
Motor reduction gear (1KW) which controls the movement of the torsion bar to which the lifting bands and roll on pulleys.
5 trasport chains with central motor control

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