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Flanging Machine

Flanging Machine

Designed for the processing of beading on metal sheet. The station is complete with two beading machines, for the production of right and left sides;

The machine performs the machining, starting directly from cut metal sheet (it is not necessary to perform intermediate folding operations);


  • Interchangeable spokes for production change;
  • Possibility of load time masking;

Through the BACKS PRODUCTION LINE, the central back is machined, making possible the coupling and the relative mechanical locking of the back-side without welding.

Product characteristics

  • Wallrings diameter: Ø 500 - 1050 mm
  • Maximum circularity tolerance: +/- 1,5 mm
  • Wallring height: 140 mm for the “flared” type - 200 mm for the “flanged” type
  • Cycle time: 3’ for the “flanged” type
  • In addition to the CNC FLANGING MACHINE we can supply a ROBOTIC PUNCHING CELL to deliver the finished product, with the holes for mounting the fan grid.

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