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RMC SL is the most stable machining center CNC with movable carriage of its category. It is the machine, which answer most effectively to the most challenging requirements of companies processing extrusions.
The fully interpolating axes allow optimal finishing degrees and processing speeds far above the average.

It is available with 4 or 5 controlled axes, it is fully automatic and it performs drilling, milling and rigid tapping. The machine is available in three standard versions, according to the X axis travelling capacity: 4.400-6.700-9.000 mm.

The working area may be used exploiting the entire length of the machinery (single zone mode), or two independent zones (commuting mode). The machining center RMC SL is equipped with a remote assistance system on IP network.


The number of the clamps depends on the length of the machine and on the machining requests. Their positioning is performed by the movable carriage, with preset by the operating program quotes. In single-zone mode clamps travel along the entire working area (field in X).

The independent closing of the clamps can be controlled during the charge of the parts.


The 12 kW S6 electrospindle with high torque allows the execution of hard processing which are typical of the industry. The spindle is cooled with a fluid system, which allows its use for steel extrusions and for aluminum profiles. The tool is lubricated with a minimal oil diffusion system which is directly controlled by the numerical control.


The tool magazine is integrated on the movable carriage and moves together with the electrospindle. The tool change is very quick because it is not in a fixed position. The standard exchange arm system, typical of traditional machine tools, allows a drastic reduction of the time required for the tool change operation.


At the end of the machine strong and rigid strokes are used as reference point of the bar. Each stroke is driven by a pneumatic cylinder and can disappear. It is automatically selected from the machine software, depending on the machining to be executed. The central strokes can be provided as optional.


The industrial CNC is open and limitless. The control can be ECS (YASKAWA engines) or SIEMENS (SIEMENS engines). The control pulpit is assembled on a mobile support. The user interface is a 15 "color display with USB keys for remote interfacing with PC and CN, complete with push-button panel. Mouse, keyboard and remote handwheel are available on request.


 Axis number  4 or 5
 Useful travel of X axis  4.400-6.700-9.000 (mm)
 Useful travel of Y axis  600 (mm)
 Useful travel of Z axis  400 (mm)
 Useful travel of A axis (version with 5 axis)  ± 120 (°)
 Useful travel of C axis (version with 5 axis)  ± 240 (°)
 Traverse speed of X axis  80 (m/min)
 Traverse speed of Y axis  55 (m/min)
 Traverse speed of Z axis  30 (m/min)
 Rotating speed of A axis  30 (°/sec)
 Rotating speed of C axis  50 (°/sec)


 Max. S6 power (kW)  12
 Max. power (rev/min)  24.000
 Tool holder  HSK F63
 Cooling system  Fluid


 Max. number of tools in the magazine  12 o 20 (revolving magazine available as optional)
 Maximum diameter cutting blade for butts  500 (mm)
 Max. tool length  200 (mm)


 Max. size of the profile which can be machined on 5 sides  400 x 300 x 6500 (with projecting miller 40 mm on L=6700)
 Max. tolerance of repeatability  ± 0,07 (mm)
 Working possibilities  Single or double zone (max. 2 pieces)
 Material to be machined  aluminum, light alloy, steel profiles with max. thickness 5 mm


 Strokes  2 or 4
 Clamps automatic shift  Through portal movement
 Chips removing conveyor  Oil and wear resistant
 Tool preset  Length measurement (diameter measurement as optional)
 Remote assistance  With internet connection


  • Customised clamps group
  • SIEMENS or ECS numeric control
  • Spindle for tube rotation
  • Hydraulic clamps
  • Smoke suction system
  • Automatic charging and discharging system
  • Soundproof cabin
  • Programming Software

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