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Automatic Spray Aerosol Tin Can Body Duplex Slitter

Automatic Spray Aerosol Tin Can Body Duplex Slitter


The machine is an essential equipment for can-making production lines in tinplate printing and can-making industry, composed of auto feeder machine, vertical/horizontal cutting mainframes, front/back workbenches, electrical control box, vacuum system, accessory of charging stand, processed piece collecting gadget operated by the pressed air, and knife grinder, etc. It is provided with auto feeding, auto fulfillment of vertical/horizontal cutting, dual-tensioning detection, auto counting, and other functions. Easy adjustment, operation and maintenance, safety and reliability. It's able to meet the high-precision cutting requirements for canner plates of various tinned plates with high production efficiency. The machine is applicable to cutting of small canner plates for cans of foodstuff.

Technical specifications



Feeding Speed of Feeder Machine

0~32 piece/min (Frequency control of motor speed)

Iron Cutting Speed (Speed of Feeding Chain)

0~59  m/min

Application Range of Cutting Iron Sheet

600~1150     600~1250 mm

Thickness of Cutting Iron Sheet

0.15~0.5 mm

Min Width of Cut Iron Sheet

1~6  piece

Min Width of Horizontally Cut Iron Sheet

48mm (If it is less than 48, tool apron needs to be replaced)

Total Unit Power


Weight of Machine





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