Transvac Systems Ltd

Transvac Systems Ltd

Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 4RH, UNITED KINGDOM

About Transvac Systems Ltd

Transvac is one of the leading suppliers of Ejector solutions across the globe since 1973. As both a designer and a manufacturer of Ejectors, Transvac has full in-house control over process and mechanical design, supply of raw materials, manufacturing, scheduling and testing. All of our products are custom designed to suit the process and mechanical requirements of each application, to ensure maximum operating efficiency. We offer standard and exotic materials of construction including Hastelloy, Graphite, PTFE, Duplex, Titanium and other materials.

Ejectors, also known as Eductors or Jet Pumps, are a simple, robust technology with no moving parts and require no maintenance. They are highly efficient and often use existing available energy to run. Our Ejectors are capable of compressing gas from 0 to 150 bar in a single stage. They are extensively used in the oil and gas industry, where typical applications include boosting LP (low pressure) wells, flow assurance in long tie-backs, flare gas recovery, sand slurry pumping and produced water treatment. Other industries that utilize the simplicity of Ejector technology include water treatment, utilities, nuclear, pharmaceutical, food and steam & vacuum plants. Every Ejector is fully custom designed to a client’s exact requirements, to ensure the best performance.

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