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Transvac Systems Ltd

Gas Ejectors

Gas Ejectors (GJEs) are used for boosting gas well production, either by entraining the low-pressure gas or via gas injection. They are also used for flare/waste gas recovery and TEG/vent gas recovery. We are one of the leading gas Ejector manufacturers in the industry. Our gas Ejectors can offer compressions of up to 7:1 in a single stage. This can be further boosted with the use of a secondary Ejector. Gas Ejectors offer an attractive solution for generating extra production from LP wells and, in the process, extending field life.

For example, gas from a HP (high pressure) well is sometimes choked to a lower pressure to meet downstream process conditions. Wasting ‘usable’ energy in this way offers no added value to production. Instead, the HP gas can be used to ‘drive’ an Ejector, which not only delivers the HP gas at a suitable lower pressure to meet downstream conditions, but also lowers the back-pressure on the nearby LP wells, bringing them back to life.

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