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Transvac Systems Ltd

Liquid Ejectors

Liquid Ejectors use a high pressure liquid motive to entrain, mix or dilute a secondary liquid. In operation, a high velocity jet of pressurised liquid is discharged from the motive nozzle and produces a region of low pressure in the suction chamber that entrains the secondary liquid or fluidised solids. The resulting mixture flows through the diverging cone to regain some pressure in order to overcome system discharge heads, and the two streams then thoroughly mix. Liquid Jet Pumps can also entrain solids that have been fluidised to enable smooth flow.

Typical applications of liquid Ejectors include:

  • Chemical Dosing
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Sand Cleaning

Single units or complete skid mounted packaged systems are available; each unit is designed to specific process conditions. Standard materials of construction include rubber-lined, PVCu, PP, PTFE, PVFD, hastelloy, titanium, stainless steel and carbon steel. Connections include flanged, screwed, plain, hosetail, bauer and quick-release.

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