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Transvac Systems Ltd

Liquid-Gas Ejectors

Liquid gas Ejectors use the power of high pressure liquid to entrain a gas. Transvac liquid-gas ejectors, known as Liquid Jet Compressors, can accurately entrain and mix air or gas in-line, and discharge against a back pressure, using liquid as the motive force. Our company’s Liquid-Gas Ejectors have readily been used for entraining ozone and atmospheric air in water treatment applications, but are now being developed by our dedicated Research & Development team for use in Oil & Gas applications.

Liquid gas Ejectors have a compression ratio of up to 150:1 as they use high pressure liquid to entrain flare or waste gas. Typically, injection water or produced water is employed to motivate the Ejector, thus making use of existing facilities, perfect for brownfield developments. The Ejector can entrain and compress gas from a number of sources including a separator, manifold or individual well. The resultant reduction of backpressure on the upstream process delivers a boost to production and promotes steady flow, even where liquid loading is an issue, particularly in long tiebacks.

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