Transvac Systems Ltd

Transvac Systems Ltd

Steam Ejectors

Steam Ejectors offer various advantages when compared with other vacuum producing systems. They also utilize motive steam that is already available on site and would be otherwise wasted. We design a range of steam Ejectors including Thermocompressors, vacuum Ejectors, Desuperheaters, Hogging Ejectors, combination systems, atmospheric air Ejectors and Condensers.

Indirect or surface contact condensers (shell & tube or plate type) are used when the Ejector fluid and cooling medium must be kept separate, whereas direct contact condensers (ring & disc or spray type) are used when complete mixing is acceptable. We offer a complete range of fully instrumented low level skid mounted systems, versatile in handling both wet and dry loads. Systems are available with one, two or three stages of steam Ejectors, combined with a single or two stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. The Liquid Ring Pump is very effective at rapidly producing a coarse vacuum and the Steam Ejectors are used to create higher vacuum levels.

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