N&K Technology, Inc.

N&K Technology, Inc.

80 Las Colinas Lane San Jose, CA 95119 USA

AboutN&K Technology, Inc.

Company Profile:n&k Technology, Inc., of San Jose, California, was founded in 1992 by Drs. Rahim Forouhi and Iris Bloomer. The company manufactures exceptionally high resolution, state-of-the-art scatterometry (OCD) and thin film metrology tools for the semiconductor, photomask, data storage, flat panel display and solar cell industries. n&k’s large family of tools provide measure-ments for a large range of OCD and thin film structures that cover current and future applications, and are used for the most challenging applications of today’s high tech industries.

n&k’s thin film measurement systems accurately and repeatably determine thicknesses, n and k spectra and energy band gap of ultra-thin (e.g., a mono-layer of graphene) and ultra-thick films (e.g. Epi-Si layers) comprising single-layer and multi-layer film stacks. Films can be deposited on either rough or smooth surfaces.

n&k’s scatterometers accurately and repeatably determine depth, CD, and profiles of complex 2D (trenches) and 3D (contact holes) structures – even structures with high aspect ratios.Pitches can be very small or large. In addition, n&k scatterometers measure ultra-thin films incorporated on or in or lining such 2-D and 3-D structures.

The core technology is based on DUV-Vis-NIR (or IR) broadband reflectance (and transmittance if substrate is transparent), utilizing patented reflective optics that provides optimized signal-to-noise of the raw data. Analysis is based on the Forouhi-Bloomer Dispersion Equations for n andk of thin films, combined with Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis for OCD structures.

n&k Technology’s scatterometers and thin film metrology tools are field-proven, production-worthy, fast, and non-destructive, enabling process control and yield improvement of technological devices comprising thin films, trenches, and contact holes.

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