Via Grazia Deledda, 40/42 – Z.I. Villa Mattei 62010 Montecassiano MC – ITALY


Campetella Robotic Center, pioneers in the field of industrial automation

Campetella Robotic Center: the story of an Italian industrial robot manufacturer that stands out in robotics design, production and applications

We are an Italian company specialized in the design and production of Cartesian robots and manipulators.

We boast a centuries-old history that crosses the Industrial Revolution and involves five generations of the Campetella family. At the beginning, we accompanied hundreds of entrepreneurs along the path where craftsmanship turned into industry. A lot has happened since then: today Campetella Robotic Center is a leading company focused on mechanical designs and realizations which, at the same time, also takes care of software engineering, plant installation and maintenance and robots’ sales and after-sales service. Our core business lies in finding robotic solutions for the plastic injection moulding sector. The solid experience we have been gaining over time has led us to be chosen by the major national and international industrial groups who ask us to meet their production needs.

Our mission: passion, knowledge and technology at the service of customers, to guide them through the automation of their production processes.

Our global partner network, widespread across 28 countries, is designed to offer a complete service in the industrial automation sector: from solution search – when good communication and relationship with the parent company is essential - to after-sales assistance, where the speed of intervention in customer service is guaranteed by our specialized technicians operating in more than 20 countries.

Our vision: functional and innovative industrial robots to nurture a solid relationship of trust between customer and supplier

As a leading company in industrial robotics, our goal is to go beyond the mere relationship between client and supplier. We consider our customers to be true partners with whom we aim to build solid healthy relationships based on trust and sincerity, through the proposal of innovative solutions, developed according to their real application needs.

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