Pressure Transducer

MRV21 miniature series with silicon diaphragm is a MEMS technology based pressure transducer. Outer diameter of this sensor is usually between 4mm to 12mm. Possibility of custom- design of this pressure transducer offers great flexibility to meet requirements of different applications with highly competitive pricing.

MRV21 is available in pressures ranges from 0.02bar (2kPa) to 600bar in both Gauge and Absolute versions with standard output of mV/V and option for 4/20mA. It is suitable for pressure measurement of gases & liquids compatible with stainless steel. While the standard precision is 1% FS, which can optionally get a precision of 0.5% FS and 0.25% FS. It finds applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems among many others.

The robust construction of MRV21 with its high performance makes it ideal for demanding long term applications. 

Key Features include:

  • Miniature Structure
  • High Measuring Accuracy
  • Pressure Measurement Range of 0.02 to 600bar
  • Compact and Light Weight
  • Wide Range of Media Compatibility
  • Low Static and Thermal Errors

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