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Multiphase Pump System

Multiphase Pump System

Leistritz Multiphase pump systems are in operation worldwide and designed for running with high gas volume fractions (GVF) and gas bubbles with up to 100% gas content as well as for capacities of up to 5,000 m³/h and differential pressures of up to 150 bar. In comparison with traditional upstream installations, multiphase pumps need neither space-intensive separation devices at the borehole nor separate pumps, compressors or pipelines to transport gas and fluid to the central collection areas.

Multiphase pumps are a cost-effective technology for the transportation of multiphase fluids using just a single pipeline - instead of separating the oil, water and gas at the collection areas and exporting the oil and gas to the central production facilities via separate pipelines. In general, multiphase pumps are a way to accelerate the unprocessed gas/fluid mixture. They also allow to transport these mixtures over large distances without phase separation beforehand. Separators, crude oil refining facilities, pumps, compressors and storage tanks at the collection area for the oil fields become superfluous thanks to the direct pumping of the multiphase fluid to central processing facilities

Multiphase pump technical data

Capacity: Max. 5,000 m³/h (755.300 bpd)

Differential pressure: Max. 150 bar (2.175 psi)

Viscosity: Max. 150,000 cSt

Operating temperature: Max. 350°C (662°F)


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