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ANSI Horizontal Low Flow Pump - PWA-LF

ANSI Horizontal Low Flow Pump - PWA-LF

  • PWA-LF ANSI B73.1 Low flow design utilizes matched circular casing with precisely machined discharge channel and a fully shrouded, radial impeller yielding low flow stability.

  • Impeller balance holes reducing bearing thrust loads for extended bearing life and lower stuffing box pressure and increased seal life.

  • ANSI B73.1 end suction, top discharge back pull out process pump.

  • High strength carbon steel liquid end with a broad range of alloyed corrosive resistant materials of construction available.

  • Rigid heavy duty shaft and bearing system design, exceeding ANSI B 73.1 bearing life specifications. Carbon Steel bearing frame c/w 316 SS shaft material is standard.

  • 5 year unconditional bearing frame warranty is standard with every product.

  • Proven flinger disk lubrication device to ensure effective bearing lubrication. Provides 30% increased bearing L10 life and minimum 15ยบ lower bearing operating temperatures compared to flood oil design.

PWA-LF ANSI B73.1 Low Flow pump is designed, built and tested in the USA to ANSI and ISO exacting standards, while enhancing the typical design to the next level of reliability. High strength carbon steel liquid end and frame adapter material, additional casing thickness and up graded bearing lubrication for increased bearing life are just a few no charge features considered extra from other manufacturers. Unique circular casing and radial vane impeller provides stable operation at low flow ANSI conditions. Backed with fully staffed professional sales and service teams and strategically located inventory, insures consistent, rapid shipment tailored to customer specification requirements.

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