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API 610 Horizontal Process Pump OH2 Model PWH

API 610 Horizontal Process Pump OH2 Model PWH

PWA- API 610 11th Edition End Suction, Single Stage Overhung Process Pump (OH2) is designed to cover a wide range of petroleum refinery services. Additionally it is applied to high pressure / high temp applications found in petrochemical plants, gas processing, oil processing, offshore installations (platforms), hydrocarbon and crude oil pipeline, and aviation / terminal fuelling facilities.

PWA- API 610 Horizontal Process Pump features are designed to increase the efficiency and life of the pump, whilst optional features can be added to improve the design for higher temperature applications.

API 610 Horizontal Process Pump – Model PWH are built, assembled and performance tested in full compliance with API 610/ISO 1370.

PWH API 610 Pump Services

Services covered but not limited by the PWH pump include:

  • Column reflux

  • Column bottoms

  • Injection fuel blending

  • Heat transfer

  • Gas oil

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