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AME-Series PFA-Lined Magnetic Drive Process Pump

AME-Series PFA-Lined Magnetic Drive Process Pump

Magnetically driven pumps, such as the AME-Series magnetic drive pump, are the industry standard when processing harsh and highly corrosive applications. The centrifugal force is driven by two rotating magnets rather than being directly coupled to a motor.

Eliminating the need for a mechanical seal and therefore making magnetic drive pumps completely leak proof. Designed for high temperature and high pressure, the high purity PFA lining enables handling of high purity chemicals.


  • Designed according to ISO 15783 and 2858. Satisfy ANSI B73.5 specifications.

  • Carbon fiber reinforced ETFE lining with ductile cast iron (FCD450) armor provides both a rugged structure and nearly universal resistance to corrosive chemicals and environments.

  • A rigid duo-layer rear casing construction with the inner layer consisting of molded carbon fiber and vinyl ester composite provides pressure and shock resistance up to 35 kg/cm2 for operational safety and durability.



50 Hz

60 Hz

Max. Capacity (l/min)



Max. Head (m)



Power Range (kW)

1.5 - 30

Temperature Range (°C)

0 - 150


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