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Intelligent PDUs

Intelligent PDUs

Intelligent PDUs

Our market leading Intelligent PDU's feature the latest in power monitoring technology designed to meet the demands of the ever-changing Data Centre environment. We specialise it tailoring our intelligent PDU's to meet the clients' needs and utilise the latest equipment to the market to ensure our intelligent PDU's are at the forefront of design.

We manufacture our intelligent PDU's to the same high standards & specifications as our non-intelligent PDU's with all the same client requirements featured.

Intelligent PDU Features & Options

  • Incoming metering from the Autometers, Carlo Gavazzi, Janitza, Rayliegh, Schneider, Socomec plus other manufacturers ranges.

  • Full harmonic analysis constantly reporting supply conditions.

  • Load profile reporting to ensure correct phase balancing.

  • Branch Power Meter (BPM) CT strips aligned to the MCB pan assemblies to give monitoring of final circuit energy (kWh), real power (kW), current (A), apparent power (kVA) and power factor.

  • BPM from Socomec (Digiware), Schneider (BPCM), PDI plus other manufacturers.

  • Single DIN 96 display featuring all incoming and outgoing metered parameters.

  • Alternatively a configurable intelligent operator interface touchscreen HMI, featuring all metered incoming and outgoing metered parameters, active power flow mimics, system status and alarms display.

  • Interface to 3rd party client systems for logging of "Critical" and "Non-Critical" alarms.

  • Load limit alarms for colocation clients, operator configurable for flexibility.

  • Thermocouple monitoring of PDU thermal stability designed to prevent non intrusive maintenance, all temperature trending displayed locally or remotely.

  • Alternately infrared sensors with the same reporting features.

  • Individual MCB status monitored to operation.

  • Door operation monitoring systems with operation alarms.

  • Single communications output in either RS485 Modbus Comms or Ethernet protocol.

  • Simple reporting on client owned PC.

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