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AF Switchgear Ltd.

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Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

Power Distribution Units (PDU's)


Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

We manufacture industry leading standard and advanced PDU's that are designed to specific configurations to meet the end user requirements for performance and power monitoring.

Our PDU configurations range from 100A up to 800A and above; from 6way to 360way and above; SP and TP versions; AC and DC varients; all fully type tested, fully welded construction and provided with any combination of market leading components.

The latest generation of PDU within our product range is tested to 50kA for 1 sec and includes distribution pan assemblies and MCB.

PDU General Specification

  • Standard and bespoke arrangements.

  • ​Fully welded construction c/w outer glazed doors.

  • Separation distribution section.

  • ​Distribution pre-wired to terminals in separate terminal compartment.

  • Open or enclosed adjustable computer room plinths c/w tile supports are available.

  • Pre-punched gland plates.

  • Clean and dirty earth bars.

  • Cable containment systems.

  • Certified to BS EN 61439-2.

  • Ingress protection to IP31.

  • Any colour from the RAL or BS ranges.

PDU Features and Options

  • Incoming metering from the Autometers, Carlo Gavazzi, Janitza, Rayliegh, Schneider, Socomec plus other manufacturers ranges.

  • CT and Voltage reference test blocks - integral or door-mounted.

  • Distribution pan assemblies and MCB from the ABB, Schneider, Terasaki plus other manufacturers ranges.

  • 3P or 4P Static Transfer Switches (STS) from the Socomec, Emerson & Piller ranges, plus others to meet specification complete with door-mounted operation mimic.

  • Isolation transformers to reduce harmonics with K factor (zig-zag).

  • Static Transfer Switches and Isolation Transformers with no-break bypass facilities.

  • Active Harmonic filters (AHF).

  • Thermographic viewing facilities.

  • Power mimic lines.

  • Fixed, plug-in or withdrawable MCCB.

  • Front or rear cabling arrangements.

  • Top or bottom cable entries.

  • Electronic surge protection.

  • All distribution pre-wired to terminals.

  • Separate neutral bars.

  • Equipped with SP, DP, 3P or 4P Type C and D MCB.

  • Document holders.

  • Optional individual neutral terminals.

  • Optional fully shrouded terminals.

  • Optional integral commando plug and sockets.

  • Optional fuse holder distribution.

  • Optional operating handle shrouds.

  • Optional EPO with test facility.

  • European configuration incorporating RCD and TNS earth arrangements.

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