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We are EVS TECH CO., LTD, an industrial robots and robot positioner&linear tracks supplier in China. We can provide industrial robots ranging from 3kg to 800kg payload, including 6-axis robots, 4-axis robots, scara robots, delta robots, explosion-proof robots and other special application robots. Our products are widely applied in welding, handling, painting, palletizing, punching, bending, etc. We also could provide 1, 2, 3 axis positioners and all kinds of customized robot linear tracks. We are the sole legally authorized general distributor for QJAR Robotics for its global market (except Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia).

About Us

We are EVS TECH CO., LTD, an industrial robot supplier in China.

  • High-precision CNC machines cost more than 3 million USD
  • Top-quality Factory Production line cost 150 million USD
  • High-standard Testing machines cost 10 million USD
  • Large robot series ranging from 3kg to 800kg payload

What Can We Provide

  • Industrial RobotIncluding Delta robot, SCARA robot, 6-axis robot, 4-axis robot, explosion-proof robot for different applications.
  • Welding PositionersIncluding single axis, two-axis, three-axis welding positioners.
  • Robot Walking RailLength-customized robot walking guide rail.
  • Technical SupportWe provide 24/7 life-long technical support.
  • Vision SystemRobot vision system for tracking, sorting, picking, positioning, etc.