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Evans Capacitor

72 Boyd Avenue East Providence RI 02914 USA

AboutEvans Capacitor

Evans Capacitor Company is a privately held, AS9100/ISO 9001 certified, ITAR registered, small business headquartered in East Providence, RI. We develop and manufacture advanced capacitors for aerospace, defense, and other demanding applications.

We were founded in 1996 by Dave Evans (President) and Charlie Dewey (CEO). After extensive research and experimentation, Dave Evans found that combining the two capacitor technologies tantalum and ruthenium oxide yielded the most power dense capacitor in the industry. These hybrid capacitors, known as EVANSCAPS, provide significant savings of space and weight compared to other capacitor technologies, in a high reliability ruggedized package providing MTBF > 5 million hours.

EVANSCAPS are specified for demanding aerospace, defense, and energy exploration applications including radar, laser, power hold-up/bridge power, downhole drilling, electronic warfare and many more. They replace standard military capacitors, or augment batteries and power supplies where size, weight, reliability and quality are important factors of component selection.

Evans Capacitor Company production facilities, located in East Providence RI, and Sanford ME, USA follow the most stringent guidelines for quality and performance. All Evans Capacitor Company products undergo extensive testing and evaluation.

EVANSCAPS are qualified and in service with all tier 1 aerospace and defense contractors.

Evans welcomes the opportunity to work with engineers and product designers to see how Evans advanced capacitors might offer the perfect fit (and competitive advantage) we all strive for.

Proud Member of the QuanticElectronics Family

Quantic™ Electronics, an electronic component company, is a trusted partner in military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial markets with over a century of combined experience as a reliable problem-solver. Being a part of Quantic’s portfolio has allowed Evans Capacitor Company to continue developing cutting edge capacitor technology, alongside other world-class technology companies that represent the future of mission-critical electronics. Watch the Quantic overview video to learn more about us and all our sister companies.