Alteko, s.r.o.

Alteko, s.r.o.

DobÅ™íšská 578 267 24 Hostomice Czech Republic

AboutAlteko, s.r.o.

Past and present of company

ALTEKO, s.r.o. produces air conditioning machinery.

The company was established in 1991 and at its establishment the company derived benefit from longtime experience of the owners in the fields of development, production and quality control of air conditioning.

In 1993 own production premises were bought in Hostomice pod Brdy and manufacture from demised premises in Praha 5 was transferred there. Production estate in Hostomice pod Brdy was gradually reconstructed and enlarged so that today the company disposes of production areas of 2500 m2 equipped with modern technology and it employs almost 40 people.

Production and products

Company produces air conditioning machinery of its own construction. Already in the year of establishment the company introduced ventilation and air-conditioning system TERNO at International engineering fair in Brno, which became the basis of production program. However, the production program developed on and today the company produces air handlers in various sides and designs. In 1994 production of radial ventilators RFC started. Today the ventilators are produced in sizes 200 to 630 in zinc-coated, lacquered and antirust versions that can be used in both common and explosion hazard environments. Production of ventilators represents the second main part of production program of Alteko company. During more than twenty years of its existence, due to the quality of products and continuity of care of customer, the company won reputation among the producers of air conditioning at home market and also in several other countries, where the company exports its products with success.