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Retrofit Embedded Computers and HMI systems

Innovations in the electronics branch are progressing rapidly. This process is so rapid that the mechanics on machines and systems often outlast their electrical components. In such cases, it is more economical to modernize and retrofit existing systems instead of replacing them completely. However, individual electronic components are often no longer available and no longer in production.

With their Embedded Retrofit Series, Syslogic is meeting this challenge. The various backwards-compatible single board computers, embedded computers and touch panel PCs can be connected to old systems without any problems, and without the need for software adjustments. As a system house, Syslogic is able to use the Embedded Retrofit Series to realize customized solutions quickly and with high levels of cost efficiency thanks to the modular design. In addition to the production of embedded computers and HMI systems, Syslogic also supports system integration at the customer.

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